19 August 2013

New Semester

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

Result sem lepas sudah dapat. Alhamdulillah. xde yang fail :D

So new semester ni quite excited gak la. Subject yang ala-ala favourite x favourite kena blaja for next semester :D.

Subject for new semester

  •  Current Trend Database (favourite x favourite :p )
  •  Computer Architecture & Compiler ( oh no. T______________T sapa terror jadi sifoo aku)
  •  Advanced Software Engineering   (hurmm.. dulu dapat apa eh SE. B ke C ntah. hahah)

and next semester also new status for me.

and also terpaksa skip class maybe selama sebulan lebih kerana berpantang.

terpaksa la blaja sendiri and cepat cepat catch up blaja ngan kawan kawan. kalau x lost. pastu result xbest.



Wish me all the best k for next semester. :D

  ♥Munirah Abd♥

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