12 August 2010

Programmer and Styles


Programmer And Her Styles
ohh yeahh this is my styles when I was a programmer. Cool eh. Pakai jeans je dulu hahhaha.. sempoiii. I am very simple person. but sometimes I am very "kelam kabut" person. and my "kelam kabut" still can cover lagi la.. but ada jugak yang xleh cover. hahaha. especially time due date dah nak kena submit task kat client. perghh that time mmg macam org gila. kena stay kat office balik lewat malam. eh not lewat malam. lewat pagiiiiiiiiiii :( tapi itu semua is a valuable experianced. mana nak dpt lagi. kerja sekarang paling lewat balik setakat ini adalah 6.00++ :p. itu pun menggelupur gak nak balik awal sbb semua org dah balik. so takut nak stay lagi lewat baik balik :D
btw i miss miss miss my title as "PROGRAMMER" serius rindu even kerja macam org gila kan. ngan Team Leader pun kepala piang sometimes but i still rindu!! dah kata ini kerja favourite xleceh n rumit(rumit bila ada error yang cannot be solve on time T____T) harus rindu and and andddddddd tak byk protokol. hahah gomen ni byk sgt protokol. :p well have to face it kan.. so padan muka. ok redha :D
ok sekian. oh my now i love to design my style using polyvore. suka berangan. well well well mmg dari kecik sampai now ok NOW i love berangan. hahahaha eh berangan then I akan usaha untuk dapatkan apa yang I angakan. not angan angan kosong ok!! but the style above is TRUE my styles when I was working as "PROGRAMMER"
Perfumes bagai tu mmg wajib ada dlm my handbag. My handbag until now masih lagi berat. haha love to input everything which some are not too important pun nak sumbat. :D well..........
ok done

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