03 August 2010

Our lovely TONY


He is our cat. The one and only TONY. Before this we have two cats. But ALLAH loves PUTEH more. He leave us T__T . And now only TONY. We love you TONY. When I was in banting last week, I managed to capture TONY pictures while he's sleeping in my bedroom. Our TONY is  sooo kawaiiiiiiiii ^-^ So, take a look.

to TONY: we love you sooooo muchh

tonyyyyyyyyy..he is sooo 'gedik' with my umi. Always following umi everywhere.


adorable tony!

his collar . hehehe LIVERPOOL???  not sure whether ayah or little bro bought this collar for him
by the way, tony also has he's own shirt. and only wear it when he's going to sleep. :D

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