25 July 2007

Facts About Munirah Abd


The facts that you need to know about Munirah Abd or known as Bulan Bintang

  • Munirah Binti Abdullah
  • Simple girl who live with full of laughter and love.
  • Eldest in the family (Kak Long ok !! :D)
  • I hate cooking but I will trying to learn how to cook
  • Always stay focus but sometimes "kuat berangan" :p (hey think about future ok!!)
  • I do love shopping!!!
  • I hate when people try to disturb when she was in focus mood..focus beb focus!! hahaha
  •  is a SHY..oh yeahhh SHY when 1st meeting..but if I feel comfortable with you..I can take only 5 min to get along..hehehhe yeah yeahh I know how bad I am...ngegeg
  • Hey!! If you close to me you can share anything with me..I am is a good listener and good adviser too :p ooo yeahhhhh
  • I will moody if I have "RED FLAG"..especially before "RED FLAG" (so tanda2x la tu konon :p)
  • I love photography and I love to pose!! hahahha (xkesah la katik pun but I like)

ok that's it the facts about ME

with ♥ ;

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