18 November 2011

How to measure your Premium Beautiful size

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys;

Cara nak ukur easy saja.. Hanya perlukan 4 ukuran dalam cm.

ok 1st ukur bust atau puncak dada dahulu

then ukur pula under bust/bawah puncak also in cm

 kemudian ukut waist/pinggang

last but not least ukur buttock /punggung ye.. :D

after dapat ke empat2x ukuran tersebut. Sila masukkan ukuran tersebut dalam widget di bawah ni. Then click pada calculate nanti akan keluarla your exact size. :D

Untuk lebih details you can ask me..
n dont worry I will measure you for more confirmation. and its FREE!! :D

Brought to you by Premium Beautiful Agent

love; ♥Munirah Abd♥

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